These are some of the hotel’s most frequently asked questions and are being updated constantly. If you have any other specific queries, please do contact the hotel.

Is Park House a nursing/residential home?

Park House is registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission) as a care home with nursing in order to provide care but operates as a hotel, with no full time occupants.

I do not need help or assistance but would like to know someone is available just in case. Could I come and stay at Park House?

Certainly! The hotel caters to the more independent guest as well as people who require assistance.

Do people live at Park House?

No, Park House operates in the style of a hotel, this contributes to the ‘holiday atmosphere’.

My partner requires personal care, do I need to bring a carer with me or do I look after his/her care myself?

Whatever is best for you both. Quite uniquely, Park House has its own team of qualified and experienced in-house carers on the premises 24 hours a day and you could opt for their support during the stay. To do this please request a Care package at the time of booking. Some guests prefer to holiday with their own care support and this scenario is fine also. If you would prefer to be more independent during your stay you have the peace of mind of knowing that our experienced team are there should the need arise.

Is there any funding available to assist with costs?

Some funding may be available through social services or local authorities. Charitable organisations may also contribute towards the cost of the holiday. Some guests are able to put their Direct Payments towards the cost of holidays at Park House.

I am going to be in the area quite soon, can I come and have a look around the hotel?

The hotel welcomes visitors but appreciates a little notice in order to ensure there is someone available to show you around. The hotel’s restaurant is open for lunch — come for a bite to eat and see what else the hotel offers!